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The Historical Significance of My Marriage

Posted on 05. Feb, 2013 by .


Dear Thriving Wife, I’ve spoken so much about what my marriage means to me, but this past week I’ve realized its significance to others as well. I was born in 1978, and luckily for me, the challenging, uplifting and often heart wrenching stories I learned in school about the Civil Rights Movement were just that, […]

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Wedding Day TLC: Top 5 Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day!

Posted on 18. Dec, 2012 by .


Dear Thriving Bride, written on my wedding day (11/10/12) I want you to know that I am the bride in you writing this for the wife you will be in the next few hours.* It is the morning of your wedding, and already the sun is coming up. I have always marveled at how each […]

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Dawn of a Thriving Bride

The Thriving Wife Philosophy

Posted on 12. Nov, 2012 by .


Dear Thriving Wife,

Today my husband (I am still getting used to saying this word), and I arrived in the Yucatan Peninsula for our honeymoon. It is evening time and we are sitting in a wonderful restaurant taking in the best of Mexican Carribean food: fresh fish marinated in wonderful chiles, and tamales wrapped in banana leaves. Our wedding was everything I wanted it to be, and through this experience I learned a lot about myself and my partner. More than anything, I learned that we are capable of so much and that if we stick to the essence of whatever it is we want in this world, we will come that much closer to making it happen. I hope you enjoyed being there with me as I took the emotionally challenging and fulfilling (in the end) journey as a bride. It is still sinking in that I am now married to a man that I deeply love and who deeply loves me.

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