Wedding Day TLC: Top 5 Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day!

Posted on 18. Dec, 2012 by in Philosophy

Dear Thriving Bride,

written on my wedding day (11/10/12)

I want you to know that I am the bride in you writing this for the wife you will be in the next few hours.* It is the morning of your wedding, and already the sun is coming up. I have always marveled at how each sunrise signals the possibility of starting over and beginning again. I want to tell you a few things that will be important for you to remember today, and I need to tell them to you now before all the business of the day starts.


Happy and excited on the morning of my wedding day!

Happy and excited on the morning of my wedding day!

1.Today is an exciting day, but the love and relationship you have with PJ is not solely about today. It is about the rest of your lives. So, remember to have fun and if something becomes stressful, remove yourself from the situation and find your dear man and hold him close. It is in this moment that you will remember why you are doing this and everything else will come second.
2. Don’t forget to take in every single second and savor it. Look at the love you have created and nurtured around you. It is an amazing thing! Do not let other people’s stress or business of the day take that away from you. Soak it in!

3. Take time to honor your family. This can be whomever you decide it is, but just when your Chosen Fathers walk in the door, hug him and tell him how grateful you are that he is there. I know you are excited for your brother Mike to come all this way to walk you down the aisle and celebrate with you. Find a moment to hug him, cherish him and let him know how much his presence means to you.

4. Don’t forget to give PJ his wedding day gift. There is no right or wrong about this one, but you have those really special engraved sterling silver cufflinks that you bought just for him. Life is never too busy for you to honor him with something that means so much to the both of you.

5. Before the wedding ceremony starts, make sure you take a few minutes for just the both of you to be with each other. Hold him, kiss him and let him know how honored you are to become his wife.

These are just some of my thoughts for you on this day. I am so proud of you. I can truly say that because I am you and I know how far we have both come. No matter how many times you want to doubt yourself today, remember this: you started this blog 90 days ago in order to figure out just how you would have your own wedding on your own terms and in celebration of you and PJ. And you’re here! You did it! Girl, some people are born into loving families and other people work really hard to find them. You’ve worked so hard to find your Chosen Family, so don’t do anything but revel in this. Please, dear woman. Revel in your beauty so we can all see ourselves shine.

With all the love and hope that I can muster for you,

Your Very Own Thriving Bride

*I wrote this letter to myself on the morning of my wedding day (11/10/12).  Since getting married, I have been publishing posts on my blog that I wrote before my actual wedding day.  They are here to inspire, to help my readers understand my journey even more and hopefully to provide insights in to how to make it to the altar.  Stay tuned for more!