Honeymoon TLC: Top 5 Honeymoon Tips

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Dear Thriving Wife,

No matter where you are going for your honeymoon, the purpose is usually the same for most couples: to get a relaxing break from the stress of wedding planning and to celebrate the wonderful and courageous journey both people embarked upon when they said “I will” until the time they said “I do.” If you are reading this, you are probably still a bride who is thinking about (and planning) your honeymoon. I am where you will be in a few days, months or years. I am on my honeymoon. Before leaving, there were a few tips I thought to give to you as I packed, and I am finding those things to be true and very appropriate. Be it the beaches on Cancun or the Bohemian villages of Indonesia, your honeymoon will be an even better time with these tips.

1. Pack light! I cannot stress this one enough. Regardless of where you are going, packing light will always serve you. Choose multipurpose clothing that is appropriate for the climate and events you will be enjoying. I love scarves that I can tie on my head when I’m having a bad hair day or pants that can either be dressed down or up. FYI: Packing light means your hubby just may agree to your need to go shopping. Stay tuned for my upcoming Thriving Bride Honeymoon Packing List!

2. Know where to spend your money and where to save it. Friends told me that it’s common for most couples to sleep for the first few days of the honeymoon. I know that’s what we did for the first 24 hours. Regardless of how laid-back your wedding was, it’s as if you had a red carpet event starring you and you need to rest. Who says you can’t afford a great honeymoon! You definitely can, but you just need to know where to put your money. If money is not a concern, so be it. If it is, stay at the less expensive places for the first few days, sleep and get some R&R and head out for the 5 star hotels during the second half of your trip. Note: I have about 2 weeks for my honeymoon, so I can do this. If your trip is really short, then maybe a night somewhere budget-friendly and the next few nights in the place with the wonderful room service and spectacular views.

3. Plan your itinerary, but don’t over plan. Are you the one who just planned your wedding? If you are a bride, then you probably did. So, this is the time for you to give to yourself and rejuvenate as much as possible. So, make sure you have your flights as soon as you can, and find a place to stay, but be open to what happens when you don’t plan every detail. Note: This is not a play by play orchestrated event, IT IS YOUR HONEYMOON! Plus, it is harder to change your mind when you book every last event in advance. So, make a few plans and then let your trip surprise you.

4. Ask all and any hotels and restaurants about honeymoon packages. This may be an obvious one, but we recently stayed in a wonderful thatched roof style house and it was by no means a hotel, but it was spectacular. And guess what? They had a special three course dinner with wine and wonderful massages in our room. You won’t be newlyweds for too long, so always mention this!

5. Be clear about your “vacation mojo”, especially on your honeymoon. So, how do you like to travel. Do you both prefer a 5 star hotel to a condo rental? Are you both interested in exploring local culture or is a resort style experience more of your thing? It is crucial to get clear about this. If your vision includes room service and a golf course and your partner wants to rent a house on the beach and snorkel, it is time to have that conversation. And do yourselves a favor. Have that talk before the honeymoon!





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