How lucky we are to be in this world and love deeply and use this opportunity to learn and grow? So, what’s next? Well, after being a Thriving Bride I don’t intend to stop thriving. I’m a thriving wife now, and that will come with its own joys, triumphs and challenges and my hope is to document that journey and to take you with me if you want to go on that journey.

I want you to know something very important that I have realized on this journey and will be forever grateful for: in order to thrive, you simply must remain conscious of your past without letting it define your present or future, and in the process take the tools that serve you and let go of the rest. It is about showing up to see what it is that you need to fine tune in your life in order to live up to your fullest potential as a wife, as a mother (if you choose this or it chooses you) and as a human being. If and when you choose to do this, the possibilities in your life that will open up are endless.

I am not here to give you some life lessons as a marriage counselor or guru. I am none of those things. I am simply a woman on a journey that involves becoming the person I know I am capable of being and opening myself up to the amazing journey that this life has to offer me. It is also about re learning how to do this because I was not born or raised with the tools to thrive. And neither were most people, but I think it is what we were born to do.