Honeymoon TLC: The Importance of Taking Snapshots

Posted on 19. Nov, 2012 by in Honeymoon

Dear Thriving Wife,

It is day 8 of my honeymoon, and already I have images in my head of my time with my new husband. There was the ferry ride to Cozumel with the Mexican band playing on board as the breeze blew back my hair. There is the way my eyes flicker like the ocean does when the son hits them right at the exact moment it is supposed to. They are flickering more and more these days because I am so clear about who I am in the world and my capacity to love and be loved. It is quite incredible!

If your honeymoon was only a week or less or if you are still on it, I want to encourage you to take snapshots. I am not talking about the physical photos you will take with your digital camera or your iPhone, I am talking about images in your head that will be unforgettable even if your camera disappears during your boat ride or after one too many drinks at the beach bar near the hotel where you are staying.

Let the moments be there to refer back to when you are not feeling like a Thriving Wife and when you need something to inspire you. Let them be there when you are angry and you need to remember just why it is you married this man. Let them be there and share them with your loved ones. You will spend your whole life collecting them, and your wedding day as well as your honeymoon will be some of the first few as you start your life together in the sweet company of your beloved.

I always said I wanted to get married because I wanted a witness. I wanted someone to be there for all of it: the unbearably joyful and the unbearably difficult moments that this life presents to us.

So, take your wonderful physical photos, but don´t forget to stop and notice those moments that speak to you and say “you will remember this forever.” I am lucky to already have a few stored in my memory.

One of my favorite honeymoon snapshots: The View from our hotel room.

One of my favorite honeymoon snapshots: The View from our hotel room.

The view from our beachfront rental will always be etched in my mind, so will the coral reef we swam together yesterday as we snorkeled and looked at each other in wonder as to everything the water holds, and then there is the joy we both had in making a few honeymoon dreams come true. I will have to save that comment about honeymoon dreams for another post.

So, capture the moments you want to always remember in your head, and if you can take the time to write them down, please do!I know none of us wants to think about this, but we will get older and as time passes we will forget. Record them, write them down and find some way to document them in addition to photos!

Here´s the thing about photos”they are really great in capturing the moment, but words and stories give life to how you felt in that moment. In 20 years, you may look back on that photo and say ¨Remember when we, but I bet it will be hard for you to say and that was the day i realized how much I loved you.

If you haven´t already, start thinking about it and start taking snapshots now. In the end, I do believe you will be happy you did!

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